When to Cut Down a Tree

April 6, 2019 | info@keanelandscaping.com

old tree stump in landscape
Trees. They serve us in so many ways; one of utmost importance is that they serve as a hedge of protection along the borders of your property. They can also be known as Mother Nature’s symphony of sounds with birds chirping, leaves rustling, and are home to many other insects who make their signature sounds that add to the chorus. Our beautiful trees are comforting and continually provide for us all and sometimes even stand tall as monuments to special moments in our lives. If you think about it, trees become a part of the family; it’s no wonder we have the term “tree hugger.” What’s not to love about trees?


winter damaged trees
So, when it comes to removing a special tree from your landscape, you’re not just getting rid of a few twigs here, you’re removing a constant in your life. This kind of action could be the place your kids climbed as they seemed to grow as tall as the trees, it could be the location of a first kiss or even the tree that held the weight of a tire swing or tree house that once held secret childhood meetings. Whatever your nostalgia, chopping down a tree could be a hard experience to encounter. Imagine looking out of your windows, expecting to see the same great, and giant oak tree that once held space on your property. Rather than enjoying the usual watching of its branches sway in the breeze, you’d be checking out an empty area of freshly dug dirt where the roots of your tree once grew.

There are undoubtedly numerous benefits from trees that occur such as physically- as they provide oxygen to the atmosphere and filter our air, mentally- as their daily presence becomes a constant in our lives, and emotionally- as trees can house a host of pleasant memories along with the wildlife that resides. Trees actually bring us daily happiness if you think hard enough about their presence in our lives.

When storm damage or other irreparable damage occurs to your favorite tree and comprises the tree’s ability to remain a place of serenity and shelter, it’s time to cut it down. When a tree begins to pose risks to the people, and things beneath its branches, it’s the safest decision to leave the fate of your beloved tree in the hands of a local and professionally trained arborist in Dallas. How do you know when your tree is beyond the google search for “Dallas tree trimming” and a simple “Dallas tree pruning”?

Here are a few signs of tree damage:

When trying to determine whether or not it’s time to remove your tree, start by getting to the root of the problem. Literally, you can start at the roots. Before working your way up the tree, a great place to start is by examining the base to determine what might be occurring with the overall health of your tree. We suggest that you check for the six main signs of tree damage listed below to help you make a decision about tree removal with a trusted and certified Dallas Arborist Service:
dallas roadside trees

  • Heaving soil beneath the canopy at the base of the trunk
  • Fungi producing decay such as mushrooms, typically growing around the trunk’s base
  • Peeling or chipped bark and varied size cracks in the trunk
  • Just like an unhealthy tooth, check for cavities in the trunk or large scaffolding branches.
  • Dead or dangerously dangling branches in the upper crown
  • Fine twigs that lack living buds on the ends of their branches

We get so used to seeing our trees that it’s easy to forget that just as any other living organism, they’ll eventually decline as well. This eventual decline is another reason why annual tree checkups and tree maintenance are so important throughout the year. 

Get your Annual Tree Inspection

Consulting a professionally trained arborist in Dallas to help properly inspect your beloved trees for damage will help you to determine the very best solutions for the health of your landscape.

landscape tree damages

To keep your landscape looking great and feeling safe, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to trees that could pose critical risks. And, to make sure to consult a professionally trained arborist to determine best whether removal and/or disease and pest treatments by North Texas Trees are necessary, or if it’s a simple case that a little Dallas Tree Pruning service can resolve. A local & qualified arborist would be able to communicate the chances of failure for your injured tree best and also help you better understand a full range of benefits your tree would continue to provide if appropriately treated to make a full recovery. The experts at North Texas Trees are the top choice for Dallas Tree Removal and Dallas Stump Removal and have been servicing the DFW area since 1980 so you can trust that your trees are in good hands.

Another great reason to choose North Texas Trees as your Dallas arborist service is that we’re also an excellent choice for Dallas brush chipping service! After a tree has been successfully removed, you won’t have to worry about how to clean up because our team will be right there to take care of the debris.

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