When Old Man Winter Wishes to Stay

March 4, 2019 | info@keanelandscaping.com

Every Texan knows that the weather can be quite unpredictable especially when it comes to the cold seasons! Old man winter’s invitation either gets lost in the mail, or he comes a little late and overstays his welcome when spring is trying to settle in and bring some warmth. These fluctuating temps can confuse trees as they are supposed to be in dormancy. Because of these fluctuations, it’s important to have your trees checked by your Dallas arborist service.

Looking at little icicles hanging from branches as they begin to melt in the rising sun makes you wonder how those glistening ice crystals and water droplets can impact the overall health of your trees. Luckily, if trees are negatively impacted, the North Texas Trees team is the top choice for Dallas tree trimming and removal.

frostbitten plants in dallas

How do freezing temperatures affect your trees?

Of course, we know that water is essential to life, but does this apply to the winter months as well or are trees and other plants frozen in time until replenishment arrives in the spring?

Experts say that you’ll want to make sure that your trees are fully hydrated going into the winter months. However, when the weather seems unseasonably warm it may leave you scratching your head a little wondering whether it is safe and acceptable to water your plants in winter. The answer is that you can, in fact, water trees and plants during winter as long as the ground does not freeze.

winter damage to trees

Here are a few of our suggestions to help keep your trees hydrated during cold spells:

Around November, begin to soak tree roots before the harsh winter weather arrives.

If your winter has been a bit on the dry side, you can give your trees a good soaking around early spring, before the baby buds break. Before winter begins, have your Dallas sprinkler repair experts check sprinklers around trees because using a timed sprinkler to soak roots is preferable in the winter months when the ground is thawed.

*(Using a sprinkler system is best because you can set really specific timers to make sure that trees are getting more controlled amounts of water.)  

  • Applying an adequate layer of mulch will also help insulate the ground above the roots of the tree. Our Dallas Tree Root Barrier Service team will be happy to give you the best advice for maintaining healthy and strong roots as well.
  • Also, try to avoid tossing road salt near or around trees as salt can draw out moisture and dry out soil.
  • Pay attention to weak tree branches as well as they might require Dallas Tree Cabling, or Dallas tree bracing.

Why you should give tree roots attention before, during and right after winter:

  • Cold temperatures limit trees’ chances to soak up the water they need for survival.
  • Once the ground freezes, trees have a difficult time extracting water into their roots.
  • Without an adequate supply of water, trees may suffer from desiccation.Desiccation, extreme dryness, may lead to yellowing or browned foliage, starting from the tip of the leaf or needle and then migrating to the entire surface of the leaf. The plant is drawing moisture from wherever it can get it to stay alive.
  • Depending on wind, temperature, and other climatic factors, desiccation can lead to the death of your tree.
  • Your location can also determine how frequently you should be watering your trees. For instance, states farther south might require a good soaking around earlier spring and then later in the fall before going into dormancy.

pests attacking plants

Winter pests may cause similar results:

Although discoloration can be an indicator of poor hydration, not all leaf discoloration and plant damage is due to water depletion. Some winter insect activity can actually result in a similar leaf appearance, which can make diagnosis a little confusing and make it harder to find the best solutions to this problem. When trees go undiagnosed for too long it may lead to having local Dallas tree pruning experts come out to perform some major trimming, or even contacting local Dallas tree removal if the problem has progressed beyond a little pruning.

In the North Texas area, oak worms can become real pests! They tend to burrow into the ground around plants and trees and when the ground thaws they come out and start to pay your plants a visit.  In the spring they oakworms munch on the newly sprouted leaves. Large groups of these insects can quickly devour your tree’s leaves right down to their veins! In worst cases, they can completely consume fresh foliage by summertime leaving your landscape looking bare and brown. Make sure to have Dallas brush chipping service performed as well so that any additional debris that these worms might be calling home can be discarded to limit their opportunities to chow down on your plants.

leaf spot disease

Leaf Issues:

If you’re unsure about what could be browning your trees, consult your local Dallas arborist service to properly evaluate the damage found on your tree. The professionals at North Texas Trees will help you pinpoint your tree discoloration or other damage and develop the best plan to get your trees healthy and happy once again.

Whatever problems your trees might be encountering this season, make sure to keep a watchful eye on them and book your appointment with our Dallas tree services at North Texas Trees. There’s nothing better than starting spring with beautiful, healthy trees that have made it through a rough winter unscathed and full of green new leaves. Get your FREE QUOTE today!