Top 5 Flowering Trees for Spring

March 13, 2019 | info@keanelandscaping.com

As each sunshiny day begins to beckon us to be outdoors, some of the most beautiful trees in Texas have started to show off their incredible colors, letting us know that spring has arrived. Whether you are looking for the perfect patio ambiance or a scenic backdrop for a backyard bbq, these colorful trees will be trending this spring!

spring flower trees
Looking to add a little color to your landscape this spring? One of our favorite spring flowering trees is the Texas Redbud. This little beauty loves sunlight and can grow up to 25 ft tall! One of the reasons that this beautiful budding tree is our favorites is because it can withstand drought and quickly adapt to alkaline soil conditions making it an easy to maintain a tree that adds beauty without requiring too much maintenance. Redbuds can grow pretty quickly, so it’s important to routinely rely on your local Dallas tree pruning service to come out and give your branches a little trim to keep them looking their best.
Crepe Myrtle
The Crepe Myrtle has been a popular southern favorite from season to season for quite some time now. This classic beauty comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and one of the best attributes of these trees is that they bloom in both summer and fall! That’s right, these flowering trees have an extended blooming period and have lovingly been referred to as a ¬†“100-day flowering tree”. Experiment with size variations in your landscape by adding a few of the dwarf versions here and there with flower beds around the base, or plant a taller version in your front yard for a more dramatic focal point as the larger varieties can grow up to 25 ft.
Burgundy Tree Canopy
Desert Willow
As our parent company, the Keane Team specializes in native drought-resistant plant species, so it’s no wonder these water-wise plants are one of our top choices for colorful spring flowering trees. The Desert Willow is perfect for the low maintenance gardener, as it is designed to withstand arid conditions in the full sun of the Texas heat. A raised bed with proper drainage is the perfect spot for these native trees especially in the areas of Texas where the annual rainfall is more than 30 inches. As a member of the bignonia family, its blooms are beautiful hues of pinks and violets resembling orchid-like flowers. Oddly enough this tree species isn’t related to the willow family of trees like its name suggests. Its fragrant blooms will surely distinguish it from the long vine-like branches of a willow tree.
The Vitex tree is hard to miss as it is covered with an incredible canopy of resplendent purple blooms that it produces during the fall and summer months. Like the Desert Willow, the Vitex is an incredibly hardy tree that gives off an intense aroma from its bright green leaves and blooms and tends to grow pretty quickly in practically any harsh dry climate and soil conditions. This statuesque Southern native typically grows about one foot per year and reaches anywhere between 10 and 20 feet tall when its reached maturity.
MagnoliaThis tree is synonymous with Southern style with its large white fragrant flowers that look picturesque against the landscape of any home or business. One of the selling points of the magnolia is that it too comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. For instance, the Little Gem Magnolia produces flowers for up to six months, making it a stunning and decorative addition for an indoor garden or smaller landscape areas. Some of the larger varieties such as the DD Blanchard Southern Magnolia can serve as an excellent centerpiece for any yard standing tall at full maturity of about 50-60 ft tall!

Tips for Upkeep

These incredible natural beauties will need proper maintenance and care moving forward, and our Texas Trees team will happily take care of all of your Dallas tree service needs. From our expert eye for spotting tree disease, routine Dallas tree pruning service, to Dallas brush chipping service toward the beginning or end of seasonal transitions, our Texas trees team has what it takes to take the best care of your trees and to be considered your go-to for all Dallas tree trimming and Dallas arborist services. Here are a few tips on routine maintenance:

  • Schedule routine tree pruning
  • Have trees inspected at the start of a new spring season
  • Plant new trees in spaces most suitable for their specific needs not just where you think they’ll look best. (Consulting your local Dallas Tree Root Barrier Service can help save you time and money later on by helping you prevent damage from root systems.)
  • Have mature trees trimmed and clear of debris that common tree pests tend to be attracted to most
  • Take precautions to have heavier limbs cable or braced if need be to protect the integrity of the whole tree.
  • Call the North Texas Trees team at (972) 423-8733

It’s easy to become accustomed to seeing the splendor of these trees blooming in your outdoor spaces. After all, we look forward to seeing their beautiful buds begin to blossom as a signal of the start of a new season. The last thing you’d want is for your mature flowering trees to fall victim to pests, or to see heavy branches fall to the ground damaging the rest of the healthy tree on its way down. Make us your top choice for Dallas tree cabling and Dallas tree bracing if you need to take care of mature trees with large limbs. Take these steps and take the best care of your trees!

Call the North Texas Trees team today for a quick tree consult to assess any tree pruning needs and start enhancing the beauty of your landscape!

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