Protect Your Trees From Sunscald

June 17, 2019 | info@keanelandscaping.com

Just like human beings suffer from sunburn, plants also get scorched when the heat is unbearable, and this is termed as sunscald. The outer layer present on the plant’s surface is damaged in the process. This phenomenon usually happens when the plants are exposed to a tremendously huge amount of direct sunlight. Withered brown spots result all over the plant body. This also leads to poorly developed flowers and fruits. Call a reputed Dallas tree service that can help you deal with the situation.

sunscald affected leaves

Why is sunscald harmful to the trees?

Sunscald not only affects the aesthetic appearance of the trees but also affects their health. This phenomenon is detrimental to the trees. When the sunscald tissue spreads, it reaches the inner tissues in the trunk, and thus, the tree loses its line of defense against the diseases. So, it becomes more prone to decay and infection. Everything starting from fungi to insects can cause irreversible damage to the plants.

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How can you prevent sunscald?

There are several ways in which you can prevent sunscald and protect your plants from its harmful effects. Some of them are listed below –

  • Proper Trimming – A proper trimming of your trees is necessary but overdoing it can lead to sunscald as more delicate parts of your trees get exposed to the harsh sunlight. Each cut that is made on a tree affects it in significant ways. So, you need a professional Dallas tree trimming service to do the job for you. An experienced Dallas tree pruning professional will know precisely what is needed for the well-being of your tree and how much pruning will not be bad for its health.
  • Tree Wrapping – Tree wrapping is another way in which you can prevent your trees from getting damaged by sunscald. But the wrapping must be done correctly to avoid any damage to the tree. You can take the help of Dallas tree cabling or Dallas tree bracing services who will wrap the tree trunk with an appropriate wire and then you can fill it up with leaves. This will prevent the trees from getting affected by the high temperature.
  • Painting Trunks – Painting the tree trunks with some light colors is practiced in many households. This method also keeps the fungal infections at bay, but sometimes it is not very aesthetically pleasing. The light color will reflect the sunlight and prevent the tree from experiencing any sunscald. But if you are looking forward to some beautiful landscaping, then painting the trunks might not be the ideal solution to your problem.
  • Wrap the Trunk with Paper – Apart from using a wire to wrap the trees, you can also use paper to wrap the trunk of the tree. But a proper wrapping technique has to be followed. But you must remember to remove the wrap when spring comes. This is because keeping the cover even in spring will lead to infections and fungal growths. Call for a reputed Dallas arborist service in case you are not aware or the wrapping techniques.

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